Best Practices for Buying Medicare Supplement Plan

Best Practices for Buying Medicare Supplement Plan


It is important for the customers to adopt a package of best practices before purchasing the Medicare Supplement plans. These best practices not only ensure that they get the ideal Medigap plans for them, it also helps them save cost on premium. Some of the best practices to be followed before purchasing a Medigap plan are as follows:

Buying During Open Enrollment Period (OEP)

It is of utmost importance that the customers looking to buy Medicare Supplement plans should do so during their OEP. When applied during the OEP, the insurance companies cannot refuse to sell the Medigap policy to them as long as they pay the premium, irrespective of their pre-existing conditions. The insurance company cannot delay the start of coverage if the application has been made during the OEP. Applying for Medigap policies after the OEP can result in the request being rejected by the insurance company on grounds of medical underwriting.


Comparing Quotes @

Customers should get quotes from multiple insurance companies and carefully examine it. They should clearly understand the pricing mechanism used by the insurance provider and whether there are any hidden charges in the long-run. They can also take advantage of group and household discounts offered by the service providers. They do not have to worry on the benefits offered by the policies as they are standardized and highly regulated. A Medigap plan purchased from any insurance provider will offer the same benefits to the customers. Hence, the customers should prefer the company offering the lowest quote for a particular plan.


Buying from Reliable Insurance Companies

Since the Medicare Supplement plans are standardized and regulated by the federal government, the customers should focus more on purchasing it from reliable insurance companies. They will get the same benefits from the plan irrespective of where they purchase it from. Customers should purchase the Medigap plan from an insurance company which is licensed to sell the same in their state. They should also assess the reliability of the insurance company like their accessibility to resolve any issues, their grievance redressal mechanism etc.


Choosing Plans Based on Requirements

Medicare Supplement plans should be purchased based on the customer requirements. the customers should not fall prey for purchasing fancy plans the benefits of which they may never avail. For example, if customers do not travel overseas frequently then there is no need for them to purchase a Medigap plan offering international coverage for emergency healthcare expenses. They can purchase a more basic Medigap policy which will be more consistent with their needs and save on the premium.