How to find free help for low-income seniors?

How to find free help for low-income seniors?

Nowadays many seniors are living on low incomes. Their major finance sources are social security, a small pension or some form of assistance from the government side. It will always be beneficial to find services for free and discounted rates with few resources. You may inquire in many of the old age homes of the office for aging where you will be able to find different service available at free or discounted price.

Free and discounted service for seniors and their caregivers

 Benefits of counseling

Try to figure out, what all options are available with you. There is free counseling office also that will help in getting this type of assistance to adjust your finance. You can find your answer in the form of health insurance, food stamps, and other services with the help of these counselors. It’s not always about spending a hefty amount in order to render the service. Act wisely, there are much more options available at cheap prices.

Adult care center

There are many adult daycares that are operational by the government, charity and religious places. Here, they are providing seniors with good meals and facilitate them in spending a good day rather than being alone. These care centers generally demand nominal charges, so it’s not going to make a big hole in your finance.  They may also provide you a space to spend your day but will ask you to bring your own meals and utilities. Before enrolling your seniors, make a thorough inquiry regarding fee and services.

 Free dentures

This is one of the most important utilities for the senior group and various type of charges are bankable for its fixation. You can try by contacting the government hospitals or state dental associations to find the place for free dentures. There are many hospitals which are providing free or low-cost dental programmes and have the facts about 2020 Medicare advantage comparison on the site
You will get the contact of these hospitals simply by searching on the internet or make a visit to state dental association. After doing basic formalities, these options will be available for you at minimal cost and it’ll save your modest finance.

Family caregiver support programs

 There programs as offered by government and some volunteer organizations. These caregivers are well trained and will provide care and counseling to their elders. They will also look after the physical and emotional wellbeing of the seniors. They are not to replace your efforts but just to make some extra addition from their side.

Switching Between Plans of Medicare Supplement Plan


Medicare Supplement Plans have different standardized variants and customers may want to switch between them. They may want to switch when they want new benefits, or they want to relinquish existing benefits which they are unlikely to use. They may also want to switch if their financial status changes and they can afford more costly and comprehensive policies or would like to downgrade to a basic policy during financial crunch. The details for switching between the Medicare Supplement plans are as follows:

Switching Medigap Policies

Usually, once the 6-month period of the OEP has ended, it is a bit difficult to change between the Medigap plans. The customers can switch policies if they have guaranteed issue rights. There is no deadline for switching between the Medigap plans and if the insurance company is willing to allow the customers to switch plans, they can do so. However, on switching plans the customer loses their guaranteed issue rights. Customers with pre-existing health conditions have to go back to the underwriting process and they may not be issued the policy.


Waiting Period after Changing Plans

After switching between Medigap plans, the customers will generally have to wait to receive coverage for any pre-existing diseases. If the switch is made outside the OEP and the customer has a pre-existing health condition, then they will have to wait to be covered for the same. After changing the plans, if the new plan offers additional benefits which were not covered under the previous plan, then the customers will have to wait for six-months to avail those additional benefits.


Free Look-in Period

It may happen that the customers change their Medicare Supplement plans and they do not like the new plan. In such cases, they have the right to cancel the new Medigap plan within the first 30 days which is referred to as the free look-in period. The free look-in period commences from the date when the customer receives their policy. It is recommended that the customers should retain their earlier policy during the free look-in period of the new policy. If they wish to cancel the new policy, they will still have the earlier policy effective.


Is Switching Essential for Old Policies

It is not essential to cancel old Medicare Supplement plans and switch to the new plans. If a customer bought the policy before 1992, then they do not need to change to a newer plan. Once the customers decide to change to a new plan their old policy is canceled and they will not get its benefits. Also for any new additional benefits offered under the new policy, they need to wait for 6-months to avail the same.

Phasing out of Plan F and its Consequences


Medicare Supplement Plan F has been the all-time overwhelming favorite among the citizens. Its popularity can be assessed from the fact that in 2017, Plan F comprised 57% of the total Medicare Supplement plans sold. The plan provides the most comprehensive coverage among all the Medigap plans being offered. The Plan F provides 100% coverage to the customers and even covers the deductible for the Part B. This means that there are no out-of-pocket expenses for the customers. However, the federal government has decided to discontinue the Plan F from January 1, 2020, for new customers. The details of the Plan F being discontinued and how the customers can look for suitable alternatives are provided below:

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Discontinuation of Plan F

As a part of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), the federal government is eliminating all the Medigap plans which cover the deductible of Part B like the Plan F and Plan C. From January 1, 2020 new customers will be unable to purchase the Plan F. The customers who have purchased the plan before this date can continue to hold it and avail its benefits. The general consensus among the policymakers is that the customers having Plan F visit their healthcare service providers far too often compared to someone who pays their own deductible. Holders of Plan F visit their doctors for minor health problems which would not have been the case if they had to pay their Part B deductible.

Impact on Existing Policyholders

The existing policyholders will not face any immediate impact due to the Plan F being discontinued. They can continue to keep their Medigap Plan F and avail its benefits. However, with time it is expected that the premium for Plan F will rise steadily as the annual enrollment in it will shrink. The increased premium can have significant monetary impact on the existing policyholders. They can plan to move to other worthy alternatives to Plan F.


Best Alternative to Plan F

The best alternative to the Plan F is the Plan G. Due to the awareness that Plan F will be discontinued, more people have been enrolling in Plan G which is reflected in the increased sales figure. The Plan G covers all the items covered by the Plan F with the exception of the Part B deductible. The Plan G is the worthy alternative to the Plan F and provides a like to like replacement for the same.

Most Popular Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare Supplement plans are becoming popular among the US citizens. The Medigap sales have been increasing steadily over the years. Medigap covers the unmet expenses of the Original Medicare Part A and Part B and saves the customers from paying high out-of-pocket expenses. It also offers the flexibility to the customers to visit any doctor or hospital for treatment. Some of the most popular Medicare Supplement plans are Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N, the details of which are provided below:


Plan F

Plan F is the undoubted leader in being the most popular Medicare Supplement plan. In the year 2017, about 57% of the total Medigap policies sold were under the Plan F.  It is the best and the most comprehensive plan which customers can buy. It provides highest degree of coverage and benefits. The Plan F of the Medigap, provides 100% coverage to the customers and there is no out-of-pocket expenses for them under this plan. The Plan F ensures that the customers do not have to pay any copayments, coinsurance, and deductible. Since it provides the maximum benefits, the Plan F is the most expensive and the average monthly premiums can be around $150. Overall, currently Plan F is the best Medigap plan. However, it will be discontinued to new Medigap customers in the near-term.


Plan G

Medicare Supplement plans 2019As the Plan F will be discontinued for new Medicare Supplement plan customers from January 1, 2020, the customers need to move to a similar alternative to it. Plan G under the Medigap is a worthy alternative to the Plan F. It covers all the benefits offered by Plan F with the exception of the Part B deductible. Also, the Plan G is not a guaranteed-issue policy hence lesser customers will be holding the Plan G, which means that the premium will go up slowly compared to other plans. Plan G is ideal for customers having minimal health issues so that they do not end up paying a hefty out-of-pocket expense.


Plan N

The Plan N covers everything which is covered by the Plan G, except the excess Part B charges. As per the law, the doctor can charge up to 15% extra above the Medicare-approved charges. These charges are generally rare. In addition, the Plan N offers a $20 office copay and $50 emergency room copay if the customer is not admitted. The Plan N is ideal for customers who cannot afford the expensive and high coverage Plan F and G.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Modern times have filled the air with relentless screams about health issues. Is it that, we only have problems and no proper solutions for them? Well, it is time, that the people understand that no more will their problems be unheard. Here in, we will speak about varied Medicare plans so that, no more do the people feel the burden of maintaining a good health at present as well as in future. Get quotes for Medicare Advantage Plans 2019

A brief introduction to  Medicare Advantage:

This plan is basically a medical benefit and a very big advantage for the medically weak people. To describe this plan in a simple sentence, it is basically a drug plan prescription. Depending upon contract renewal, a person can get oneself enrolled in these Medicare plans.

The different types of Medicare Advantage Plans are as follows:

  • HMO Plans or Health Maintenance Organization Plans- In this plan, the clients can only go to doctors and many other hospital providers. However, in case of emergency, the clients have to be referred by their doctors or any other hospital providers so that they can request for a check up under some other physician or doctor.
  • PPO Plans or Preferred Provider Organization Plans- In this plan, if a client goes to a doctor or any physician or any health provider who world under the respective organization, then the client has to pay less. However, in case, the client goes for a check up under any Doctor or a physician or any other health provider outside the network, then he has to pay a large amount which would definitely make the plan expensive.
  • SNPs or Special Needs Plans- In this plan, the working arena is a very restricted one. It does not provide Medicare for everyone. Clients who have both Medicaid and Medicare, those clients who stay in nursing homes or who have some very dangerous chronic medical health issues.
  • PFFs plans or Private Fee for Service Plans- In this plan, the client can go to any Doctor or any physician or any other health care providers until and unless, the company accepts the payment terms and conditions.

Various kinds of Medicare plans have been described with Humana plans coming to the forefront with its the best and the finest features of Medicare. So, the clients can easily select which plan to take up to ensure one’s health in his or her near future.

Pricing Strategies for Premiums of Medicare Supplement Plan


Cost is the single most important factor influencing the buying decision in case of a Medicare Supplement plan. Since the Medigap plans are standardized, the benefits remain the same to the customers and they can prefer the policy offering them the lowest premium. It is important for customers to understand how the premiums are determined by the insurance companies and how they are being charged for the same. The details of the three major pricing strategies used by the insurance companies in deciding the premiums are as follows:

Community-Rated Pricing

Under the community-rated pricing strategy, also known as the no-age-rated pricing, the insurance companies charge the same premiums from customers irrespective of their age.  The age of the customer is not the deciding factor for the premium. The community-rated pricing mechanism may have high initial premiums for the customers, however, in the long run, it offers value for money to them as the premium for the Medicare Supplement plans do not increase with age. Though the premium for the Medigap plans will not increase based on age, it can still increase due to an increase in inflation.


Issue-Age-Rated Pricing

The issue-age pricing mechanism means that the insurance companies will determine the premiums based on the age of the customer when they buy the Medicare Supplement plans. Once the customer has purchased the Medigap plan at a particular age, the premium will not increase based on an increase in the age of the customer. Under this pricing strategy, the premium for the Medigap policies are cheaper for the customers when they buy at a younger age. A customer buying the plan at a younger age will be charged a lower premium compared to another customer buying the same Medigap plan at a later age. The premium can increase due to inflation or other related factors.

Attained-Age-Rated Pricing

Under the attained-age pricing strategy, the premium for the Medicare Supplement insurance is fixed based on the age of the customer. The premium is determined by the age of the customer when they attained the Medigap policy. In this pricing strategy, the premiums for the Medicare Supplement plans keep going up as the age of the customer increases, unlike the community-rated and the issue-age-rated pricing strategies. In the initial stage when the customer buys the attained-age-rated priced Medigap plans, the premiums may be the lowest compared to other two pricing strategies also. However, they can end up becoming the most expensive of the three pricing strategies as the premium increases with the age of the customers.

Best Practices for Buying Medicare Supplement Plan

Best Practices for Buying Medicare Supplement Plan


It is important for the customers to adopt a package of best practices before purchasing the Medicare Supplement plans. These best practices not only ensure that they get the ideal Medigap plans for them, it also helps them save cost on premium. Some of the best practices to be followed before purchasing a Medigap plan are as follows:

Buying During Open Enrollment Period (OEP)

It is of utmost importance that the customers looking to buy Medicare Supplement plans should do so during their OEP. When applied during the OEP, the insurance companies cannot refuse to sell the Medigap policy to them as long as they pay the premium, irrespective of their pre-existing conditions. The insurance company cannot delay the start of coverage if the application has been made during the OEP. Applying for Medigap policies after the OEP can result in the request being rejected by the insurance company on grounds of medical underwriting.


Comparing Quotes @

Customers should get quotes from multiple insurance companies and carefully examine it. They should clearly understand the pricing mechanism used by the insurance provider and whether there are any hidden charges in the long-run. They can also take advantage of group and household discounts offered by the service providers. They do not have to worry on the benefits offered by the policies as they are standardized and highly regulated. A Medigap plan purchased from any insurance provider will offer the same benefits to the customers. Hence, the customers should prefer the company offering the lowest quote for a particular plan.


Buying from Reliable Insurance Companies

Since the Medicare Supplement plans are standardized and regulated by the federal government, the customers should focus more on purchasing it from reliable insurance companies. They will get the same benefits from the plan irrespective of where they purchase it from. Customers should purchase the Medigap plan from an insurance company which is licensed to sell the same in their state. They should also assess the reliability of the insurance company like their accessibility to resolve any issues, their grievance redressal mechanism etc.


Choosing Plans Based on Requirements

Medicare Supplement plans should be purchased based on the customer requirements. the customers should not fall prey for purchasing fancy plans the benefits of which they may never avail. For example, if customers do not travel overseas frequently then there is no need for them to purchase a Medigap plan offering international coverage for emergency healthcare expenses. They can purchase a more basic Medigap policy which will be more consistent with their needs and save on the premium.

Know all about Humana Medicare advantage plans

With the increase in accidents and people growing more aware of their old age and problems that they might face in the near future and the urgency to secure a better and painless future is one of the main reasons why there is an increase in the demand of Medicare advantage plans. However, there are many private farms that sell these plans to people and even add in a few extra advantages for their clients.

Humana Medicare advantage plans can be found at is one such company who sells Medicare advantage plans to their clients and makes sure that they find the exact one that they are looking for. It is important that you choose the exact plan that you will want for yourself in the near future because you are the best judge of your health. Although there are a few points that you should keep in mind while choosing the Humana Medicare advantage plans. These are:

  • Budget

It is important that you choose your Medicare advantage plan according to the amount of money you are willing to put aside for your future that will help you in your later years or also in case of emergencies. Thus, if you are willing to spend a certain amount of money for your future, it is better to choose a plan that will live up to your expectations.

  • Choose carefully

There are many plans that will seem attractive to you once you go through them but make sure that you do your research before buying a plan. It might look very appealing to you but might be of no use to you as such. So when you are taking plans not to consideration make sure to choose the one that will benefit you the most and not just go in vain. Because you might be paying a lot extra for something which you clearly do not require.

  • Explore

It is no harm to explore your options. Make sure that you have exploded all your options before settling down for the plan that will benefit you the most. Once you start looking, you might find plans that would suit your requirement and provide you much more within the budget you have set aside.


 It is important that you know all about your options before you go and settle down for one of the plans.

Why you need to have Medicare Supplement Plans?

Medicare supplement plans help you to get the benefits of the Medicare Plan C. There are plenty of private organizations related to healthcare industry which can provide you such plans. However, to have this plan it will be important to have the Medicare Plan A and B. Healthcare is one of the most important things related to your family members and having the supplement plan you will surely want to make it more secured.

How to get the plan?

You need to have the Medicare Plan A and B. If you have that you can take help of the various private companies to get the supplement plan. As there are plenty of companies providing you with the plan you will have chance to compare the plans thoroughly and the plan which will be more suitable for you, you can go for it. Though the monthly premium amount of Medicare supplement plans is less than the Medicare Supplement plans is less, still you should check it minutely because you have to pay the same on monthly basis.

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Having the supplement plan will surely be extremely beneficial for you. You can go for the following things if you have such a plan without bearing any extra cost.

  • Routine Health Check-up annually
  • Medical help in case of hearing or vision problem
  • Dental check up
  • Coverage of the cost of prescribed medicine in case of some of the plans

So, by spending some monthly premium you will be able to provide your family great healthcare security. The monthly premium is also very much within your budget.

Rules related to Supplement plans:

Medicare will provide a fixed amount to the private company in which you have the supplement plan on yearly basis. However, the private company will need to follow some of the rules and regulations. Out of pocket expenditure can be different for the different Medicare supplement plans. In fact, the rules can also be different on how you will get your service.

In some cases, you will need a referral for having an appointment with a specialist. In case of going to the doctor, suppliers or the facilities for any non-urgent or urgent situation the service law may be different for different supplement plans.

Healthcare benefits are always better to have for better safety of your family. Medical emergencies do not come with prior notification. So, if you need to save yourself from the financial constraint you have to have the Medicare supplement plans for you and your other family members.

Choosing among the Different Types of Medicare Supplement Plans

There are plenty of plans to go through and decide upon which suits you the best. Choosing from among them may be a difficult task therefore we present to you the different pros and cons of the various Medicare Supplement Plans.

Medicare supplement Plans 2019

Health Maintenance Organization

This is a type of plan that helps you to select a primary specialist for your daily heath checkups. This plan requires you to have a referral otherwise ceases to work. Disobeying the rules of the scheme may lead to expenditure of the entire cost from your own pocket. The benefit is little and is usually good for people who are willing to treat minor ailments.

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Preferred Provider Organization

Compared to the previous plan this plan requires higher pay per month but is less limiting in nature. Within the plan’s domain the charges incurred by hospital and doctors are little but outside the domain the patient may have to pay a large portion of the total cost. Unlike the previous HMO plan this plan does not require any referral and is important for people who want to have daily checkups.

Private Fee-For-Service

These plans are not offered by all the Medicare providing organizations but they are very easy to maintain. They do not require any referral beforehand and a doctor is not required to be chosen by the patient. These plans are not too common these days and earlier they used to be very attractive because they did not have any restrictions with one particular physician.

Medical Savings Account

In this plan your bank account is linked and the organization deposits a certain amount of money to your account. You can spend all the money from this account for your medical expenses. These are not as common as the previous plans.

Special Needs Plans

These plans do not apply to everyone but only apply to the people who are essentially the treated under hospitals and nursing homes. They do not cover all kinds of medical conditions but are framed to serve specific purposes. These plans may apply if you enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid.

Influence of Location

The plan depends on the location of the patient. For patients residing in the Western countries there is usually less number of restrictions than for the ones residing in the Indian subcontinent. It is essential that the patient goes through the terms and conditions well to understand what applies and what does not.